driftwood, wire, screws

The future can wait and New Sensations, by Charlie Smith London, Saatchi Gallery & Channel 4’s

I participated in the exhibition in Victoria House which is built in 1902 and designated as important cultural property. The exterior of the building reminds it’s long history, but interior is renovated into modern office and it is difficult to see the history. However, my space in the basement gallery exposes the structure made of bricks has supported this building more than 100 years. One brick is fragile, but if it becomes aggregated bricks, they have a certain strength to support whole building for a long time.

I made the form of ‘hanged or caught’ which is the form of ‘interdependence’, and one can’t stand without another using driftwood from the brick structure to the space, and response to the long history of the bricks of the building.