Burnt branches, Chain, Wire, Screws

Solo exhibition ‘The Pulsating Earth’ (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

In Mallorca, Spain, very dry whether and strong sunshine sometimes cause a forest fire during the summer season. When I visited a mountain, I encountered a black forest because of the forest fire which happened few weeks ago. It was a death forest…where the smell of soot filled, black skinned trees lost all leaves stand, and even the ground was burnt. I cut one of the branch and realize that only skin is the black and the inside is still beige. However, once the tree skin was burnt, they can’t survive anymore.

In this island, there is a traditional fishery boat, but those are abandoned nowadays. Instead of that, big yachts and cruisers are more obvious.

I sympathized with the burnt trees which have unfortunately got a fatal accident. If the fire was not happen, they might have grown bigger and bigger, became a boat and sailed. I made a boat using burnt branches. The boat is in the interlude of putting out to the sea or decaying to return to the earth.