Sound of Memory

Wood, Wire, Strings, Salt

Small shed which lost owner (my grandfather) still standing in my hometown “Noto” located in the coast, in Japan and visiting Tohoku, Japan just after struck by Tsunami in 2011 compelled me to create this work.

My grandfather had been engaged in railway management, farming and fishing. He built his shed to keep his important equipment, implements, tools, and machines. The color of wood faded away into whitish affected by sea breeze, but his time, life, and various events are engraved in the surface of the shed. Always when I go there, the shed tells me a lots of stories like a flashback.

When I visited Tohoku, Japan in 2011, terrible and unbelievable scene stretched as far as the eye could see. Houses, cars, buildings ships are collapsed into the ground, turned round to upside down, and all of daily goods are exposed. All of the light objects such as clothes, ropes, blankets, shoes are hanged on trees, structure of collapsed buildings. It strongly impressed me and imagines each person’s life, time. The form of drop was like a sound of memory.