Surface to Depth Atsuko Nakamura Surface to Depth Atsuko Nakamura Surface to Depth Atsuko Nakamura

Surface to Depth

Installation, Drawings
Glue, Capturing Cloud/Rain/Waterfall/River/Sea Wave(set of 36),
Capturing the Surface Carved by Water
4600×4000×1350mm, 550x790mm(10), 185x255mm(24), 780x550mm
The Winners Exhibition of the Artists in FAS 2016
During the two month residency at FAS Fujisawa Art Space
Supported by Technos Ltd.

I made a research about the water pattern, and how it could always change in a moment for two month.In Kugenuma Coast, Enoshima Island, Hikichi River, Sakai River, Tanzawa Mountain, I poured ink on Cloud/ Rain/ Waterfall/ River/ Sea Wave, and then press the paper to get the water patterns. I traced the pattern using Glue gun at the studio. The process of duplication reminded me the experiences there such as my body was almost washed away by the waves, or immersed myself in the cloud at the top of the mountain and made me discover something everyday.

‘Why the water patterns could always change in a moment? It affected by the amount of water, wind, the movement of fishes and insects, the landform of riverbed, or something floating. The water pattern is the reflection of the invisible forces surrounded environment. The water pattern on the paper is water surface as the border of others. This can be blade to carve one’s force on driftwood or stones. Such kind of the mutual effects get across from the jostling of molecules in the micro world to wind or water forms the landscapes in the macro world…’

The experiences reminds me the dynamic water circulation of the earth such as the raining is not just a rain, but the water I saw before, and recognized that the metropolitan city is also in the nature. The research brought me to find the deeper layer of water surface, thus I made the work about surface and depth using the glue that always hided in between things and the shadow indicates the affection.


インスタレーション, ドローイング
4600×4000×1350mm, 550x790mm(10), 185x255mm(24), 780x550mm
Artists in FAS 2016入選アーティストによる成果発表展
FAS 藤沢アートスペースでの滞在制作(藤沢・神奈川)
制作協力:株式会社 テクノス 様

2ヶ月間水の描く軌跡についてリサーチ・制作を行いました。鵠沼海岸、江ノ島、引地川や境川、丹沢山にて、波/ 川/ 雨/ 滝/ 雲にインクを垂らし、瞬時に紙を被せ、水が描く軌跡を写し取りました。スタジオにてグルーガンでその軌跡をひたすら追いかけました。波に体を持って行かれ怖い思いをしたこと、山頂で流れてくる雲を全身に浴びた感覚など、現地での観察や体験も思い出しながらグルーガンで複写を行うことで、毎日発見がありました。


この体験から、窓の外で降る雨は単なる雨ではなく、あの時の水が循環して今、降っているんだなと、地球の水のダイナミックな循環を想像し、近代化した都市もやはり自然の中に存在することを再認識させられました。水の表層を追いかけるうちに、思わぬ深層に触れることができました。普段はモノとモノの間に存在して表には見えないグルー(接着剤) と影を使い、表層とその深層に触れるような表現を試みました。