Tarenagashi Dance Song

Video Installation
4’ 8’’
Songwriter Atsuko Nakamura / Arr. Yuya Takanashi
Vo. Yusuke Ogura
Chorus Yohei Yamada, Atsuko Nakamura
PA Tatsuya Yoshiwara
In co-operation with Yokohama Music School ‘ Music Video
Vo. Mitsuhiro Nakano
Back Dancer Jihee Lee・Minori Sawaki
Videographer Naoki Yoshimoto
Costume Design Keiko Nakamura
AP Tomoyo Mizuya, Ryu Kumagai
Directed by Atsuko Nakamura

I really didn’ t want to come back to Japan, because I was not willing to go to radiation-polluted world. After I came back to Japan, I had conversations about Fukushima, nuclear power, and Japanese government with same or older generation. In the conversation, there are always some people who never join to those topics. I asked them why, they replied ‘I don’ t know so much’ or ‘I am not interested in those topics’ . In Japan, I think TV is very popular because many people are talking about dramas, comedies, and musicians or idle on TV in a train, in lunchtime, or at a bar. However, I rarely hear people are talking about Japanese government.

Even though the problem in Fukushima hasn’ t solved yet and polluted water still leaking that affects not only Japan, but also the world, why people try to ignore the fact? I think public need to pay more attention how Japanese government is working to solve this problem.

Thus I made this critical situation to a comical song to remind public of the fact. The lyric of ‘Tarenagashi Dance Song’ is about the current situation in Japan, and the melody is Japanese traditional pop music. This work is not only criticizing the Japanese government, but also irony to public who loves TV shows but never interested in news and politics.