The Border of Conscious and Unconscious 1691

Japan map of 1691 / Salt / Frame

This is the work that I cut off the lands from the old Japanese map in 1691, and salt crystalized. The function of maps is basically to get the geographical information, but it is impossible in this map. When the map lost the original function, what can you see instead?

Kitamaebune (the merchant ships in Edo period) in this map, used to sail using only wind generation without compass and pursuing the lands. Losing sight of lands means rupture of lifeline for sailors.Salt indicates the unseeable border of life and death as the salt is the necessary substance for human body, but the exceeded amount would kill it.

The technology-developed modern society gives the less fear to the death and allows forgetting the worth of life. However, I should not forget the awe to nature like sailors felt even though how the technology well developed.