The Seed of the earth

Driftwood, Screws

This is a permanent project that stands in e work is in Nakayama, Shodo island, Japan. I stayed there for a month to create this work. Co-operated with local people, we started to pick up driftwoods from the coast, bringing into the mountainous area, Nakayama, and build the work together. This work is inspired by 2 things. The one of them is the man live there who has been sponteniously working for the preservation of the endangered species there during all his life. We had a lots of conversation about nature, life and the work everyday, and I understood his activity is protecting not only endangered species, but also the local ecosystem there. Another thing is the natural circulation there. We actually present the natural circulation by returning back the wood to the mountain, built the work and see until the work returning into the land while it become a home of new life.