A Letter to My Grandfather

Installation at Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Parish Church, London
Steel, plywood, light, salt, speaker, my heartbeat while I am reading a letter to my grandfather
Variable Size

This site-specific installation is inspired by my experience, teachings of Christianity and this space. After I have heard my grandfather’s death, I realized my heart is beating very stronger than usual. I wanted to meet him and talk a lot about my artworks, life, study in London… but I cannot do anymore. My heartbeat presents such complex and sad my feelings, and I felt my grandfather recognizes it.

In the Bible of Christianity, there are two famous teachings, ‘Slat of the earth’ and ‘Light of the world’. Especially, salt is a symbol of body in the story ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ of the Bible. Moreover, the former is one of idioms in English when people admire someone’s honesty and reliability. My grandfather was just ‘Salt of the earth’ and also I regard that this idiom praises two buried people who are William Inwood (the architect of this church) and Revd Dr James Moore (the first Vicar of this church). Also, Greek text in that place means ‘May this new light of the blessed Gospel ever lighten those Heathen in darkness’. The light gently keep watch not only the institutors of this church, but also my grandfather as Heathen.